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The Federal government under the Social Security Administration guidelines approves certain not-for-profit agencies as an Organizational Representative Payee to provide assistance to certified clients in managing their monthly income. Secure Benefit Services, Inc. received approval to provide this service in 2006. As an ongoing requirement, the company undergoes annual audits of each client's file that assures proper compliance and handling of all client funds.

Many individuals find budgeting and managing their monthly income difficult and a constant source of worry. Meeting monthly living expenses without adequate money handling skills is a source of stress and frustration. SBS, Inc. will itemize monthly bills and establish a budget based on the clients income and expenses. Bills such as rent, electric, telephone, cable TV, court ordered payments, etc., will be redirected to SBS, Inc. for timely payment. SBS, Inc's bill paying services allow the client to meet monthly financial obligations worry free, allowing time to focus on improving additional life skills. Grocery cards are also provided to individuals to guarantee that available funds are being spent on food throughout the month. Personal care checks (pay allowance checks) are also provided to the client on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.

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